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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Google Apps for Education

I had no idea that Google offered Google Apps for Education!  I'm not going to list everything it has to offer, but it seems like has the same benefits as a personal google (gmail) account, but with higher security and a few *extra* educational tools (it mentions lesson plans and curriculum/training resources).  Granted, it's a school-wide implementation, so you'd have to have everyone on board, but the possibilities of collaboration and coordination between teachers and students are ginormous!  I was looking further into it at Classroom 2.0's group, Google Apps for Education, and found a comment from Roger Nevin, expressing these benefits of using the apps:

1. Teachers can see an assignment being created and comment on it before it is "handed in"
2. Students have same software at home as school - so always have access to their work
3. Nothing is ever lost
4. Assignments can be kept for at-risk students to see if they are making progress (our grade 7s keep there logins all the way to grade 12 and have their English assignments saved with teacher comments and marks for future review)
5. Teachers can use their Blackberries or I Phones to access students assignments or any document. Teachers become much more efficient.
6. Saves money - less photocopying
7. Teacher Assignments and resources are search-able on-line. Both parents and students can access course resources.
8. Good for the environment - less paper
9. Saves teachers and students time

Anywho, I just wanted to share!  Google's Apps sound like they would save the time of the teacher and students, allow easier access, encourage collaboration, and keep things better organized.  I wonder if I'll be lucky enough to end up at a school where they're being use?! lol

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  1. Thanks for continuing your blog. I will continue to look for your posts! I didn't know about the Google school apps...I will check them out.