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Monday, November 15, 2010

Thing 23

My adventure through Library2Play has come to a close, but I intend on keeping my blog going in the future.  I've thoroughly enjoyed every inch I've explored of this digital jungle, including getting sucked down and stuck in my only pitfall.  My favorite moments were creating this blog, learning more about Google Tools, learning about RSS Feeds and adding different blogs to my Google Reader account, learning the benefits of commenting on people's blogs, rediscovering Delicious (I absolutely LOVE this bookmarking site!), exploring youtube and teachertube further, creating a vidcast (even though I was embarrassed and had no idea what to do mine on), and exploring and requesting to join Nings!

While hashing my way through the digital jungle, I came across small and large networking communities that I can't wait to visit in the future!  They will be such wonderful resources for lifelong learning, keeping me up-to-date with current technologies, offering me avenues for advice when I'm hard-up for ideas or feeling overwhelmed and confused, and providing me with a place for sharing and discussing topics.  I intend on including digital resources in as much as possible and using them as often as I'm allowed.

Alright, I'm done with the jungle metaphor.  I absolutely loved everything about this program.  I didn't, however, expect to have a desire to continue blogging about technology or educational "stuff."  I kind of figured that I would finish my 23 things and then my blog would float away down the "Never-to-be-read-or-updated-again" river.  Instead, though, I find myself joining networks and reading other educators' and librarians' blogs, wanting to know more about current trends, and wanting to share what I find with others.  I even started tweeting.

The only suggestion I have for this program's format is that the links in the "things" need to be checked and/or updated.  There were a few that didn't work, and considering the content of this course, they probably need to be eliminated or fixed.

If I were offered the chance to participate in another discovery program like this, I would JUMP at the chance to participate!  I have gained so much usable knowledge from this course, and I also have a large variety of resources at my fingertips.  It was definitely time well spent.  I'm even tempted to join the 43 things website and start my own little "to-do list."  Or maybe I'll just attempt some of Stephen Abrams 43 Things.

How would I describe the 23 things?  Hmmm . . . "Exuberant lifelong digital learning skills neatly wrapped up in a little blog."   *insert giant grin*

I am extremely grateful that I was given the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful, enriching experience.


  1. Ohh. I didn't know about 43 Things - lots more fun things to explore. When it comes to the Internet and Web 2.0 I always think of Judy Garland as Dorothy saying "Things come and go so quickly here".

  2. I do hope you will continue to write in your blog about various have an entertaining style that will make lots of people come back often to see what you have to say!

  3. Thank you both!

    @Of Life, Education, E-bay, Travel & Books - I think your choice of quote is perfect!

    @VWB - I hope I can keep up with it! I've enjoyed feeling like I was not only part of a community of learners and educators, but a contributing member, as well.